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Form your of new trust now - no maintenance cost until you use it!

If you form your trust now, each of you can start donating R100 000 per year to the trust free of Donations Tax. If you don't have the cash you can owe it to the trust (we would have to advise you on the detail). Then the trust can use that "money" to buy stuff from you (and wipe out the loan account). We will not charge independent trustee's fees until the trust buys something. Plus you get - 

Free wills for you and your spouse. Unlimited free consultations with our CEO (see BOOK A CONSULTATION above to book), discussing the relevant issues, drafting and registering the trust deed. Acting as independent professional trustee for 12 whole months from date of purchase or until you use the trust (see READ MORE/BUY). Takes 6 to 12 weeks. Not registered as a taxpayer

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Bank account at Standard Bank Randburg

  • About a week
  • You will be able to operate the account via Internet banking.
  • Once you are registered at CIPC as the director(s) you will need to go to Standard Bank Randburg with your ID and proof of residence.
  • If you cannot get to Randburg, the final complete handover takes a bit longer.
  • Otherwise you will have to wait until the Director change is registered at CIPC before you will be able to open an account with your bank.

Get up and running via Internet Banking.

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