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Acting as independent trustee for the next 12 months.

The Master of the High Court now insists that you engage an independent professional trustee, so the only choice you have is whether to appoint our CEO or another independent professional, in which case please ensure that it is someone who specialises in trusts. If our fee is paid in advance each year by signed Debit Order, this discounted fee of R4 150 applies. If, however, a Debit Order is not signed, the full fee of R8 300 is payable and failure to pay will result in my resignation. The fee will be subject to normal inflation adjustments each year.

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Bank account at Standard Bank Randburg

  • About a week
  • You will be able to operate the account via Internet banking.
  • Once you are registered at CIPC as the director(s) you will need to go to Standard Bank Randburg with your ID and proof of residence.
  • If you cannot get to Randburg, the final complete handover takes a bit longer.
  • Otherwise you will have to wait until the Director change is registered at CIPC before you will be able to open an account with your bank.

Get up and running via Internet Banking.

R 1,985.00


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