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Registration of a new company

Includes -
  • free registration as a taxpayer
  • free Tax Clearance
  • free share certificate(s)
  • free Share Register
  • free appointment of directors
  • free bookkeeping for first 6 months
  • free B-BBEE affidavit/certificate
  • free unlimited, ongoing, consultations with our CEO, a Pr(Eng); SA(CA) on business related matters.

We will reserve your chosen name, register your company, register it for tax, send you a Tax Clearance PIN, and a BEE affidavit/certificate.

R 1,980.00


Other users have selected these other add-on services:


CIDB Grade 1 registration. Not including registration fees.

This is the entry level. The price is for each work category as separate applications have to be made.

R 5,270.00


Import/Export license

The company must have a bank account. There are four different licences available Importer, or Exporter, and in each case Local (i.e. South African resident),or Non-local (i.e. Offshore). Our fee varies depending upon the required registrations.


Registration as an employer at SARS, COID, UIF. Not including COID fees.

COID fees will depend upon the nature of your work and the anticipated annual salaries.

This is the whole package

R 6,500.00


VAT Registration of an existing company

  • Registration is now quick if you give us all of the information requested with copy IDs, proof of address, bank account etc
  • It does require a personal visit to SARS by our CEO

Requires an average of R4 200 per month turnover for at least the one month prior to registration.

R 8,000.00


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