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Basic 2019 shelf company or company registration

  • You get the share certificates
  • Share register
  • Tax registration
  • You also get unlimited, ongoing, consultations with our CEO on business related matters.

Year: 2019

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CIDB Level 1 registration. Not including registration fees.

This is the entry level. If you have done significant work in your field already, you may qualify for a higher level which we can apply for on your behalf. If you wish to apply as,say, an electrical contractor and as a builder, the price is for each category as separate applications have to be made.



Import/Export license

The company must have a bank account. We can arrange one (see Related Products when you click on Read More). The share certificate(s) must carry the company registration number, so we may have to prepare new ones for you (see SHAREHOLDER CHANGE for the fee).

Please be patient. This takes SARS about three weeks.



Registration as an employer at SARS, WCC, UIF. Not including WCC fees.

These typically take anything from 3 to 6 weeks (Workmen's Compensation is the long one). Once registered with WCC, you will receive a first assessment invoice for at least R1 000 and often considerably more depending upon the nature of your work and the anticipated annual salaries.

This is the whole package



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