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Level 1 EME.

The new codes require that the client signs an affidavit. IRBA B-BBEE auditors and SANAS Verification Agents are no longer allowed to issue certificates for this category of entity. So we issue an affidavit as Commissioners of Oaths. It must first be signed by the client and emailed back to us.

  • 100% Black,
  • turnover less than R10m or first year of trading,
  • New Codes

R 875.00


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Annual CIPC return turnover not zero

Turnover greater than zero any year. Fee does not include outstanding CIPC fees

R 950.00


Bookkeeping, Tax Returns, VAT returns, Payroll

We offer a complete on-going support service so that you can focus on the business itself


Meet with our CEO at no charge

Free one-on-one consultation on any business or wealth related topic


Tax clearance

If you buy one of our shelf companies, you get a tax clearance free. Otherwise we first have to load your company onto our efiling profile and that can take a few days. Then we'll check its tax affairs to make sure that it is up to date. If there are matters outstanding, we will quote you to fix them. We can only apply for a tax clearance

for a tax clean company

R 700.00


This is for clients who wish to make a once off payment for a service.

Please phone 011 805 0030 if the amount first needs to be changed. Also email us to advise what you paid for.

R 500.00


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